The Kinetic Reading Story... 

Over the past twelve years teaching and choreographing in educational contexts, ​Zoë has built a wealth of dance/education research and choreographic tools. These tools help to engage people across abilities, generations and cultures allowing them to think, learn and dance with curious consciousness and attention to detail. Still an avid practitioner and teacher, Zoë thrives on helping others to learn, move and challenge their existing ability through methodical approaches to play via movement. 

She began drawing together a somewhat haphazard toolbox of approaches from over the years in 2017, whilst exploring a bilingual book of poetry she picked up from a book sale for just thirty pence. The content was presented in both Spanish and English, sparking an interest to explore the syllabic make-up of each language in comparison to the content of the poem.  

Zoë brought a small team of young dancers together to explore the text and her first work created through the Kinetic Reading Technique, entitled Miscommunication Reigns,  was born. From there she forged links with research organisations such as Creative Multilingualism, Bilingualism Matters and independent PhD students - Marta Nitecka Barche and Dobrochna Futro - offering a springboard for further exploration of the technique in a variety of multilingual contexts. 

The Kinetic Reading journey is only just beginning but research to dates shows the potential that the methods can offer in a broad variety of contexts - not least for dance students and/or learners of another language. Currently the technique is only being explored with the latin alphabet of twenty six letters, although Zoë is keen to discuss the potential for exploration beyond this. There are methods within the technique that could lend themselves to phonetical approaches to language rather than text based approaches. Nonetheless the existing benefits are numerous and ready to be explored by those keen to learn more.  

Workshops are delivered by Zoë Leigh Gadd and are currently available in the following formats:

  • KR Introduction: (1.5 hr Workshop) stimulate the brain through Kinetic Reading introductory activities and learn Zoë's KR Alphabet (precursor to the following).

  • KR Creative: (Half-Day) creative approaches to text and language exploring the Kinetic Reading technique participants will explore 'Body Conversations' using the KR Alphabet

  • KR Poetry Day: (Full Day) work with Zoë to explore poetry and dance with the option of using participants languages to create our own Living Translation.

  • KR Choreography: (12 hrs over 6 weeks) working towards a co-choreographed work devised with your choice of text and/or lyrics*

  • KR Mini Intensive: (Sat/Sun) Details upon request

  • KR Intensive: (Week-Long Residency) Details upon request


*you will receive guidance on the appropriateness of the text

If you would like to enquire about booking a Kinetic Reading workshop / performance-presentation or meeting with Zoë to discuss the work please drop us a line... 

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